Peach Blossom Events was born out of one dreamer’s idea for a school project. Our founder has always wanted to enter the event world and dreams of owning her own venue one day. She ran with the opportunity to learn more about the industry and build a foundation for a career upon graduation. Limited experience with the industry, however, means that she has a lot to learn. Join her on her journey to uncover the big world of events and fulfill her mission of bringing people closer together.

This site is her opportunity to learn from those within the event planning industry and pass along that information to anyone with an event or dream brewing in their mind. The experience of living in a unique city like Nashville Tennessee, where hundreds of events take place each week, means there is ample exposure to the industry. Each week brings new opportunity for knowledge of the inner workings of the industry.

Whether you are looking for the best spots for a bachelorette weekend in Nashville or your future event planner, PBE has a place for anyone filled with dreams and looking for a community. Making events possible so that time is spent focusing on those you love will always be the top priority of this company. Our brand’s mission is to bring families and communities together using beautiful and successful events. This site is only the beginning of the impact that Peach Blossom Events hopes to make on events and people’s hearts in the future.


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