The Fly Farm: Absolute Charm

Coming early next year, The Fly Farm is a stunning barn event venue nestled on 155 acres of dream farm oasis. The space is completely lined with glass doors that allow natural light to flood in and simplify indoor to outdoor transitions. To be built soon, their bridal cottage will feature separate entrances to keep the wedding party separated until the big moment. If you have ever pictured your wedding surrounded by nature and away from the city, The Fly Farm is the perfect setting for you.

A Dream Location

With a capacity of 250 people, there is plenty of space inside the venue for ceremony, cocktail time and reception. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of outdoor ceremony options and dream photo locations on their farm. Central air and heat also means that this charming venue is perfect for your event all year round.

We traveled out to the gorgeous farm to speak with their venue manager about their space, which is currently under construction, and their visions for it for the future. A future that is bright with dreams of sunflower fields and unique events like creek dinners in the plans.

Between the gorgeous farm houses and sweet ranch road churches lies their venue in scenery that feels like home.

A Great Foundation

The Fly family are the ones behind the venue next to their successful cattle business which sells at the Franklin farmer’s market every Saturday. Rebecca Fly is the spark behind this venture and with many years of experience in the floral industry, the venue is a dream of hers currently unfolding. Their venue manager, Ann Catherine Blackburn, brings in more wedding experience which sets this venue up on a great foundation.

With the goal of becoming a full service venue in the future, the first year they are focused on growing their preferred vendor list which couples will have access to but not restricted to. Couples that book with the venue will also have the option to work with Rebecca Fly for their florals and tap into her many years of experience.

Finding What You Love

Because they are still building their venue and learning as they go, we asked them what lessons they have learned so far and what they would tell someone in a similar position.

This venue is a dream of owner Rebecca Fly’s and one that was born out of her passion for the industry. She would tell anyone in a position similar to hers to find what you love and what fuels your passion. Creating your own business is tough and you have to love what you are doing in order to succeed. With this, rest in the fact that everything will work out the way that it is supposed to.

Absolute charm is the best way to describe this venue and the people behind it. Those with The Fly Farm are big-hearted people working hard to make their dreams, and the wedding dreams of others, a charming reality.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram for venue progress updates and check out some exciting events they have coming up!

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